Ottawa Food Bank

The Taggart Parkes Foundation is renewing its partnership with the Ottawa Food Bank to help distribute more healthy food to our neighbours in need.

Each month more than 37,500 people in Ottawa turn to a food bank for assistance. The Taggart Parkes Foundation is donating $20,000 over four years to provide new cold storage units for local food banks across Ottawa. This gift ensures larger amounts of fresh and healthy food like milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, frozen fish and meat can be distributed to people in Ottawa who struggle to afford these items on their own.

Food Bank Coordinator, Linda Shugart (right) and a fellow volunteer stand between their new fridge deliveries at Pinecrest Terrace Community Food Bank. Note the size of the new, see-through models compared to the old model behind Linda.

Linda Shugart, Food Bank Coordinator at Pinecrest Terrace Community Food Bank says, “We were always short of fridge and freezer space, and this has helped tremendously to allow us to refrigerate more fresh produce. Now we can extend their life and preserve their quality by refrigerating them. It has been a real boost for staff and clients to have these new appliances… It’s been an encouragement to us all and a real reminder of the value of our caring community.”