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Solar rooftop project
APRIL 02 2015

The 150 kilowatt system at Signature Centre in Kanata and the 100 kilowatt system at our head office on Albion Road are both producing solar energy.  After operating for only a few months, we have already produced over 33,000 kilowatt hours of clean energy (and avoided 14 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions!)  That’s enough energy to run seven four-person households for a year!

Relocating Trees in Cardinal Creek
JANUARY 15 2015


In order to retain some beautiful trees in Tamarack’s Cardinal Creek community, Tamarack moved eight-one trees that were located on a future roadway and replanted them in our Millstone Park.  The project involved waiting until the ground was frozen, digging a wide trench around the outside of the roots, pulling a chain through the dirt below the roots, then picking up the trees and relocating them into the park.  It is rare for a park in a new subdivision to have mature trees and we are excited to be able to provide this to our customers.  Millstone Park will be the first park in a new community to be completely built before the first house is occupied.


Taggart Parkes Foundation


The Taggart-Parkes Foundation donated $100,000 to the Salvation Army for Nepal earthquake relief efforts.

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Tamarack Homes won the Energy Star award for New Homes Builder of the Year, in the mid-volume category, at the EnerQuality Awards in Toronto.

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leaf Going Green


We are excited to announce that our solar rooftop project is now operational.

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Tamarack Homes is relocating 81 trees from a future roadway to our Millstone Park in Cardinal Creek Village.

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